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About PRAM

PRAM stands for Power Rankings and More. Where does that name come from? The name comes from Matthew’s desire to rank college football teams. He was given the opportunity to write about college football by his English teacher when he was a sophomore in high school. He was given an hour of class every week to write on a Google site. Soon after, Matthew would do NFL Power Rankings and would have, former writer, Ryan Lock tag along in the ride.  The name became Power Rankings and More because it had weekly power rankings and just a little bit added to it via WWE content because Ryan and Matthew were both fans. In the dying weeks of 2014, Matthew worked with Springboard Marketing and created the website that it is today.

The site was first available to the world on December 14th, 2014.  Matthew Jones officially became the owner, but soon realized that running a full sports website would be some tough work, so he decided to bring in some of his friends along for the ride: Matt Conaway, Revanth Guttikonda, Connor Krehbiel, and Sam Maarouf.  All of the guys would write everything from NBA to NFL to NCAAF to MLB to WWE. Then, in the Summer of 2015, Matthew Jones decided to expand once again with the addition of writers like Michael Prihoda and former writer, Trevor Utley. This allowed soccer content to be brought into the mix.

In the spring of 2015, Matthew decided to start the Power Rankings and More Podcast.  After about 9 episodes my himself, he decided to reach out to his church friend, Jeff Chandler, to do the podcast with him. The podcast was held at the Eleven Nine O Four Studios and it can all be viewed on the Power Rankings and More YouTube Channel.

In the fall of 2016, Power Rankings and More underwent a huge makeover in the design as you know it to be today.

Power Rankings and More has seen many expansions and whatnot, but has always stuck to the main goal of providing a more personable outlook on the sports world for readers and providing a place where writers may come to sculpt their craft for the big stage. We at Power Rankings and More take pride in our work and hope that you can see just how much we love sports.

Some of The People

Al Rabon

Al Rabon was a high school coach for 15 years and has been interested in sports for as long as he can remember. Al has written articles for the S.C. High School Sports, Mets Minors, and his own blog. He also cover the Columbia Fireflies Single A minor league baseball team.

Connor Krehbiel

Connor Krehbiel is primarily a student and athlete for his local high school. He has played basketball since the second grade and continues to play for intramural and local club teams. He also plays volleyball for both his high school and club teams. In his free time he enjoys hunting, snowboarding, watching sports, and hanging out with his friends. He is an avid follower of the Denver Broncos and also enjoys NCAA Men’s basketball, in particular Wichita State, Indiana University, Kansas, and Purdue University.

Eric Brown

Eric Brown grew up a sports fan with loyalties all across the country, from the West Coast to the East Coast. Ever since he was little, he was mesmerized by the way the Lakers dominated each team in the early 2000’s. He also fell in love with the way the Red Sox overcame almost a century of futility in 2004. In football, the Raiders are his favorite team, mostly because when he was young, he liked the colors silver and black. And yes, he will follow the team to Las Vegas. As a major Duke Blue Devils fan, he remembers watching JJ Reddick torch opposing teams from the 3 point line.
His favorite sports moment of all time is, of course, the Red Sox coming back from an 0-3 deficit against the rival Yankees. On this website, he will mainly be writing baseball articles more than others. However, he will write the occasional NBA and NFL article.

Jason Walker

Jason is an avid sports fan whose favorite sport varies depending on whether it’s NBA season of NFL season. He is studying journalism at Utah State University.

“The Nerd” Jeff Chandler

Jeff Chandler is above all “a nerd” with way too much tech-nerd equipment. He played 4 sports in high school.  Those included Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball, and Track at Hamilton Heights in Arcadia, IN. Jeff still loves to watch sports and has taken up Tae Kwon Do with his family. His wife is Liz and his two children are Teagan and Zach. Jeff has thoroughly enjoyed being alongside Matthew while doing the #PRAM (Power Rankings and More) Podcast.

Ken “Bampy” Conklin

Ken Conklin learned most of what he knows about baseball from the media of the 40s and 50s radio. Following teams like the Milwaukee Braves (now in Atlanta), the Brooklyn Dodgers (now in L.A.), both New York teams: the Yankees and the Giants (now in San Francisco), and even the Cleveland Indians. He also emulated his favorite players: such as pitchers Bob Feller, Preacher Roe, and Warren Spahn; or home-run sluggers like Eddie Matthews, Ted Williams, or Duke Snider. The Majors never called, so Ken settled for playing sandlot baseball and softball. And despite his trying to play football and basketball, neither the NFL nor the NBA ever discovered him. Therefore, like many other wanna-be athletes, he became a sports fan; primarily following his hometown teams: the Denver Broncos, the Denver Nuggets, and the Colorado Rockies.

Ken also enjoyed writing and drawing, which came from an early introduction to a lot of the old children’s classics like Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Treasure Island, the Three Musketeers, Robinson Crusoe, The Black Stallion, etc.; as well as books featuring sports legends like Babe Ruth, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Red Grange, the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame, Knute Rockne, etc.. As a youngster, he spent his spare time doing sketches of sports figures and inventing stories about fictional athletes who could perform extraordinary feats of athleticism. But, don’t look for these sketches or stories in publication; they were just for fun. Later he turned these interests into careers in Technical Writing and Editing, Feature Writing for newspapers, and free-lance writing, with some short stories and poems finding their way into some regional magazines. Ken is happy to be a part-time MLB contributor to Power Rankings and More.

Matt Conaway

Matt Conaway is a huge sports fan.  He is a huge fan of the Cowboys and the Cubs.  He doesn’t really have a favorite basketball team, but does follow it a lot and will primarily root for the Thunder. Matt plays a lot of football and sports in his spare time. He is a big family guy, so family comes first for him.

“The Host the Most” Matthew Jones (Joneszee)

Matthew Jones (the owner of this here operation) gets the nickname “The Host the Most” from back on his first podcast where he decided to use it. Matthew is a sports broadcaster and works for the Fishers Sports Network broadcasting high school games. He will go to Ball State in the fall of 2017 to study digital sports production. Matthew tries to treat Power Rankings and More like it was baby because it is his creation. His favorite sports teams are the Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves, Indiana Pacers, Washington Capitals, Michigan Football, and Duke Basketball.  Matthew is also a huge WWE fan and loves to talk about it almost as much as he talks about Power Rankings and More. Matthew has a distinct and growing jersey collection to the point where he is running out of room in his closet. His dream job is ESPN, so be prepared to see him on your television screen in the future. You can find him on Twitter @lmj7899.

Michael Prihoda

Michael Prihoda is primarily a poet and editor, who’s made a habit of roaming the Midwest. Outside of his duties as an editor for a literary magazine and small press publishing house, his first love is soccer. While he dearly misses playing goalkeeper on a legitimate team, he outlets his passion as the lead MLS writer for Power Rankings and More. While he will always hold a spot in his heart for Tottenham Hotspur of the EPL, the MLS continues to grow on him. If you ask, he’ll tell you in confidence that he loves the Portland Timbers and the Columbus Crew, but can’t wait to support Minnesota United FC after they enter the top-flight in 2017. And, maybe, also wave a scarf for Indy Eleven should they ever move up from the NASL. He blogs occasionally at, tweets more occasionally @michaelprihoda and can usually be found watching whatever soccer he can get his hands on during weekends.

Revanth Guttikonda

Revanth Guttikonda is just another poor soul waiting for the Cubs to finally win a World Series.  Revanth is from Chicago, so he supports every Chicago team, except for the Chicago White Sox.  Nobody even cares about the White Sox anyway.  He enjoys watching the Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and the Northwestern Wildcats, so he has experienced some very talent-deprived teams through his life.  Outside of the “Popular American Sports,” Revanth plays tennis (sometimes with Matthew Jones) and watches it whenever he can.  It is a sport that he picked up just a few years ago, but has quickly become one of his favorite sports.  Revanth got into Power Rankings and More after Matthew Jones approached him with the idea of writing for his website.  He is one of the lead MLB writers, as well as an NBA and Tennis contributor.  He hopes to do more for Power Rankings and More soon.

Sam Maarouf

Sam loves music, writing, and basketball. He is the lead NBA writer at As a kid, he was not into sports that much.  His favorite sport was probably running until he was about 9 years old. Football became his favorite sport. He would play it at least 4 hours everyday with the other neighborhood kids. The Steelers became his favorite team, but he would rarely ever watch football because watching it didn’t appeal to him as much as playing it. Basketball became his true love of sports. The talent, pace of the game, teamwork, and skill level of the players all made basketball fun. Its not the same as other sports. A player has to play both sides of the ball and be able to develop skills in more than one category to become a great player. In his opinion, it is probably the hardest sport to master. While he doesn’t play basketball very often because of an old wrist injury and lack of free time, he still finds time to play sometimes and watch the game as much as he can. His favorite teams would have to be the Pacers and Kings, but he enjoys watching all teams just as much.

Trevor Utley

Trevor Utley was born in California but quickly relocated to little Westerly, Rhode Island at a young age. Instead of ingratiating himself to his fellow Rhode Islanders by liking local teams such as the Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox, he made life much more difficult on himself by going against the grain. Eric Dickerson’s goggles made him a Colts fan. His cousin’s fandom made him a Dodgers fan. John Starks and Charles Oakley initially drew him to the Knicks. Over the years he’s added to his fan portfolio, but as is the case with his other supported clubs, they usually bring him nothing but alcoholism and despair. But he still can’t enough of the sporting world. He not only enjoys watching whatever sporting event he has at his disposal, he is an avid sports writer. In addition to his work here at Power Rankings and More and being lead Premier League and one of the lead NFL writers, he writes for The Runner Sports, Sports From The Basement, The Ledge Sports, and his own personal blog, Bleeding Your Colors. It keeps him plenty busy and he wouldn’t have it any other way. You can follow him on Twitter: @TREVORutley and banter with him during any event or just sit back and watch him melt down during a Liverpool game. Cheers!

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