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Hello to everyone of the PRAM Universe!  This is you chance to follow Power Rankings and More on all platforms that we have covered in order to keep up with everything going on with Power Rankings and More.  Below is everything you need to know about where to find us on social media.

(To learn more about what Power Rankings and More is all about, be sure to read the “About PRAM” page with the link here and check out the Top 25 PRAM Blogs of All Time list with the link here.)

First, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that you are able to get the recent updates on any #PRAM Podcasts coming out or any other videos that we might be producing.

Next, like us on Facebook to get information and updates on all of the recent blogs at Power Rankings and More so you do miss out on something special going on within your favorite sport.

Then, follow us on Twitter (@PowerRank_More) for up to the minute developments from absolutely everything going down at Power Rankings and More, that you won’t get on Facebook, as well as special events that we might be doing and Twitter-only polls.

Finally, follow us on our Instagram page for a different kind of look at Power Rankings and More.  What happens if you missed a blog a few weeks back?  Our Instagram page will gladly remind you of top blogs that might’ve slipped past you before.  There are also great quotes that go up there periodically.

Got questions?  Be sure to email us at  Power Rankings and More is going by the day and we will gladly have you on board.  Be sure to use #PRAM and #PRAMUniverse to talk about Power Rankings and More on social media.  Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to hear from all of you on how we are doing.

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Matthew "Joneszee" Jones

Core Group leader at Ball State Chi Alpha. I currently do PRAM on the side for fun.

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