MLB Week 9 Power Rankings:

(Published on 5/29/16)

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What a week!  Everyone just decided to crank the notch up a bit before Memorial Day.  There are a lot of things to talk about this week and I say that we get right into it.  Let’s get started. -Matthew Jones

(Note: MLB Power Rankings are made before games on Sunday.)

1. Chicago Cubs (33-14)

  • They’re on pace to win around 110 games this year. Also, the Cubs have the 3 top WAR players in the NL in Fowler, Zobrist, and Bryant. What more can you say about this team? -Revanth Guttikonda

2. San Francisco Giants (31-20)

  • I think that the Cubs have met the team that will give them the most trouble in the NL.  What is it about those even years that just fuels the Giants? -Matthew Jones

3. Boston Red Sox (29-20)

  • The 29 game hit streak for Jackie Bradley Junior ended this week.  It was the most for the Red Sox since 2005 and Johnny Damon.  Remember him?  No?  Well, why not?  Anyway, the Red Sox are now the top team in the AL East after the Orioles had a bad week.  The Red Sox can keep that up if they continue to slug the ball all over the field.  They still have another hit streak going right now in Xander Bogaerts who has 21 hits in straight games.  Are they really the best team in the AL, however?  For now, they are, but I’ve got a decent feeling that that might change. -Matthew Jones

4. Washington Nationals (29-21)

  • Daniel Murphy continues to rake, and the pitching staff is performing up to standards. Bryce Harper is Bryce Harper and these guys are going to compete with the Cubs and Giants for the NL pennant. -Revanth Guttikonda

5. New York Mets (28-20)

  • I’m not sure that I have a particular felling towards an umpire taking the game into their own hands or not.  By now, we should all know about the history between the Mets and Chase Utley, but that doesn’t mean that the umpire should’ve ejected Noah Syndergaard for throwing behind Chase Utley.  If I would’ve gotten ejected for every hit batter in the little leagues, I would’ve been banned for life.  Anyway, let’s move on here because it appears that the Mets are going to aquire James Loney from the Padres.  Will they keep him at the first base position?  That is yet to be decided.  He hit a 280 last year with 32 RBI.  He has been in the league for 10 years and can be a valuable asset for this Mets team, who needs all the help they can get in the stuffed NL East. -Matthew Jones

6. Texas Rangers (28-21)

  • I think that the Rangers are finally finding themselves as they had a very good week this past week, but they are going to have a problem with Rougned Odor out.  Good news for the Rangers is that his suspension is now down to 7 games.  Finally, in other Rangers news, it appears as if the Mariners aren’t capable of winning the easy games like the Twins, so the Rangers are in good shape for the AL West lead.  Also, let’s not forget about Yu Darvish coming back! -Matthew Jones

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (28-20)

  • This team is just starting to click and should get even better. McCutcheon hasn’t played well so far, but Gerrit Cole is finally pitching like he did last year. Give this team a little more time and they could be serious contenders. -Revanth Guttikonda

8. Kansas City Royals (26-22)

  • The Royals had a pretty interesting week this week.  They did lose to the Twins and, yes, that’s not good, but was was good was the fact that they got 7 runs in the 9th inning, which was capped off by an RBI from Brett Eibner.  They ended up going 4-2 this week and moved up 2 spots.  Are they Royals back to what they were at the start of the season?  Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. -Matthew Jones

9. Baltimore Orioles (27-20)

  • Remember when they were undefeated for a while?  Well, they are 20-20 since their streak was ended. -Matthew Jones

10. Seattle Mariners (28-20)

  • You don’t lose to the Twins and expect to keep your place at #6 the following week.  That is just one of the many core principles of life. -Matthew Jones
  • Even with a loss to the Twins, the Mariners are still in first place.  That is a place nobody thought they would be at this point in the MLB season, and just as many feel they won’t keep it up. -Trevor Utley

11. Cleveland Indians (26-21)

  • Anyone know what to think about the Indians right now?  No?  Well, then we will just have to talk about how outfielder Michael Brantley might now be able to reutrn in the 15-day disabled list timetable like he was slated to after getting a shoulder injury on May 14.  He was already injured at the start of the season as well after surgery for a torn right labrum.  (I don’t even know what that is.) -Matthew Jones

“I wasn’t bouncing back quick enough to keep playing back-to-back games, which is very important.  I want to be healthy each and every day and I have to play at a high level.  This is the major leagues.  You have to be at the best of your ability and the highest health-wise you can be.” -Michael Brantley

12. Los Angeles Dodgers (26-24)

  • The best current baseball rivalries go down as this: the Blue Jays and the Rangers, Chase Utley and the Mets, Trump and Clinton, the Cardinals and the Cubs, the Yankees and the Red Sox, etc.  You get the idea. -Matthew Jones

13. St. Louis Cardinals (26-24)

  • The front end (Adam Wainwright) and back end (Trevor Rosenthal) of the Cardinals’ pitching contingent really need to step up if the Cards are going to endure the summer and catch up to the Cubs and Pirates. -Trevor Utley

14. Toronto Blue Jays (26-25)

  • The Blue Jays had a very good week this week after a rough one last week, especially for their manager, John Gibbons.  Last week, he was ejected on Monday and Tuesday, suspended from Tuesday thorugh Thursday, and ejected again last Sunday.  Bautista served his suspension this week too.  What did he decide to do during this time?  He was doing the PA for the Blue Jays!  That is an amazing loophole.  I wish I thought about that when I got suspended from my “Duck Duck Goose” league. -Matthew Jones

15. Chicago White Sox (27-23)

  • “The Chicago White Sox Struggle Bus” is a real thing right now for them.  I was watching that White Sox/Royals game on Saturday.  They had it wrapped up in the bag, but the decided to give the Royals 7 runs in the ninth and they ended up losing the game.  That ain’t right! -Matthew Jones

16. Philadelphia Phillies (26-23)

  • That lack of offense is starting to catch up to the Fightin’ Phils.  Their 158 runs scored is second worst in MLB to the putrid Braves.  When do they finally call up their top prospect, shortstop J.P. Crawford? -Trevor Utley

17. Miami Marlins (25-24)

  • Although I am fully aware they don’t possess the worst home record in the MLB, Marlins Park is by far the farthest thing from a home field advantage in the sport. -Trevor Utley

18. Detroit Tigers (24-24)

  • I’m still confident with my “Tigers will win the Central” prediction, but I’ll start to worry a bit if Jordan Zimmermann is forced to miss any significant chunk of time. -Trevor Utley

19. New York Yankees (23-25)

  • Congrats to Carlos Beltran for getting his 2,500th career hit.  That is hype. -Matthew Jones

20. Colorado Rockies (23-25)

21. Tampa Bay Rays (22-25)

  • Typical Rays: can’t score, quality pitching goes for naught. -Trevor Utley

22. Los Angeles Angels (22-27)

  • Mike Trout got his 150th home run of the season this past week and is now the 8th player to have that many and score over 500 runs before 25.  Mike Trout deserves so much more than the Angles right now guys. -Matthew Jones

23. Houston Astros (21-29)

  • A whole bunch of ifs right now surrounding the Astros.  They’ll be better IF they can score runs in ways other than the home run.  They’ll be better IF Dallas Keuchel can regain his Cy Young form.  Etc, etc. -Trevor Utley

24. Arizona Diamondbacks (22-29)

  • Raise your hand if you said Patrick Corbin would be leading the team in most pitching categories as we enter Memorial Day Weekend.  All you liars can put your hands down now. -Trevor Utley

25. Milwaukee Brewers (22-27)

  • The Brewers are pretty bad this year, so to take our their anger, they decided to throw at the Reds in their game on Saturday.  See my Reds comment for more. -Matthew Jones

26. Oakland Athletics (21-29)

  • You have to feel bad for Rich Hill.  He’s spent his entire MLB career battling injuries, demotions, and stretches where he couldn’t hold velocity.  He’s putting it all together in Oakland, and the team just stinks when he isn’t on the mound. -Trevor Utley

27. San Diego Padres (20-30)

  • You have to feel as bad for Drew Pomeranz as you do Rich Hill.  He’s spent his MLB career going from team to team, from rotation to the pen and back.  He finally finds some stability and is killing it, and it is for the Padres, a team going absolutely nowhere. -Trevor Utley

28. Cincinnati Reds (16-33)

  • The Reds are pretty bad this year, so to take out their anger, they decided to throw at the Brewers in their game on Saturday.  See my Brewers comment for more. -Matthew Jones

29. Minnesota Twins (14-34)

  • Great job by the Twins this week who got 2 wins against the AL West leading, Seattle Mariners.  In fact, there were also able to get a win over the Kansas City Royals.  The Twins scored 6 or more runs in those three games.  Get this, the Twins are now 9-2 this season when they score 6 or more runs.  Let this be a lesson to those that don’t know baseball; getting more runs will help you.  Finally, in other Minnesota Twins news, their pitching coach, Neil Allen, was suspended indefinitely on Thursday for a DWI charge.  Eric Rasmussen has filled in for the time being. -Matthew Jones

30. Atlanta Braves (14-34)

  • Although the Braves did get the series win over the Marlins after beating them in the first two games of their series, they still end up falling one spot after their hot week last week.  Come to think of it, having the Braves get hot is a bit of an understatement.  Winning a game counts as them being hot. -Matthew Jones

That’ll do it for the MLB Week 9 Power Rankings.  What did you think of our list?  Where would you rank these teams?  Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts and more in the comment section below.  Also be sure to like Power Rankings and More on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, and follow us on our Instagram page for all of the latest information from Power Rankings and More.

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Ken Conklin

I’d like to think Colorado’s contribution to the MLB might be worthy of mention someday. Unfortunately, the baseball gods are fickle when it comes to the Rockies’ fortune. From time to time they show signs of greatness with a fine pitching performance and some timely hitting from their big guns; but then, their pitchers serve up melons and the hitters forget how to drive in runs.
Oh, well, there’s always next year, or the next, or the next……..
Meanwhile, Go Cubs!

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