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NBA Power Rankings

NBA Week 8 Power Rankings

NBA Week 7 Power Rankings

(Ranksgiving) NBA Week 6 Power Rankings

NBA Week 5 Power Rankings

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NBA Week 3 Power Rankings

NBA Week 2 Power Rankings

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Previous Seasons’ NBA Power Rankings


End of 2016-17 Season

Links to the NBA Power Rankings from the 2016-17 Season


End of 2015-16 Season

Links to the NBA Power Rankings from the 2015-16 Season


End of 2014-15 Season

Links to the NBA Power Rankings from the 2014-15 Season

Most Recent Polls

Paul George to Thunder Poll

Most Recent Predictions

Likely Trade Destinations For Kyrie Irving

Predicting Where the Top 20 NBA Free Agents Sign

Joe’s 2017 NBA Mock Draft

Keeping Track of NBA Playoff Races

35 Bold Predictions in Sports for 2017-18

Most Recent Rambles

Lonzo Ball Not Making Positive Impact

Irving and Celtics off to Rocky Start, Hayward Injury

Isaiah Thomas Continues Trade Comments

Carmelo Anthony Signs with Thunder

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