NFL Week 13 Games to Watch

I’m not being paid to say this, but you may just want to keep your TV on FOX for Week 13 of the NFL. Pretty much the best and most impactful games will be played on that channel. Though that makes me sad because I love listening to Tony Romo’s color commentary since he actually knows the game, unlike the talking heads.

Moving on from the definitely not promotions for FOX and CBS, here are the games to keep an eye on this week no matter what channel you like watching most.

Atlanta Falcons (7-4) vs Minnesota Vikings (9-2) (1:00 p.m. FOX)

Minnesota is has a tough two-game stretch against the NFC South, with this being the first leg. Case Keenum has defied logic with his performance this season and it will be a challenge for the Falcons. Atlanta has surged back from a 3-3 start to win four of their last five, including three straight. This should be the game of the week.

Tennessee Titans (7-4) vs Houston Texans (4-7) (1:00 p.m. CBS)

The Titans are struggling a bit, with a 40-17 loss to the Steelers and then scraping by the Colts 20-16. They still lead the division, though they have the same record as the second-place Jaguars. Houston may try to play spoiler for the Titans, as a loss against the Texans could spell disaster for the playoff-hopeful Tennessee.

Baltimore Ravens (6-5) vs Detroit Lions (6-5) (1:00 p.m. FOX)

These two teams are on the playoff bubble. Baltimore has a much better chance in the weaker AFC field, and are currently in as the 6th seed, but the Lions are eyeing one of the wild card spots now that winning their division is all but out of the picture. This game could get scrappy.

New Orleans Saints (8-3) vs Carolina Panthers (8-3) (4:25 p.m. FOX)

This is the battle for the NFC South. The winner of this game could come away with the division. Carolina has already dropped a game against the Saints and they would lose the head-to-head tiebreaker at the end of the season. But it may not matter as the winner would carry a distinct record advantage late in the season.

Seattle Seahawks (7-4) vs Philadelphia Eagles (10-1) (8:30 p.m. NBC)

Seattle has not done particularly well in big games this season. Against teams currently in the playoffs, they are 1-2. But there is no denying they can be a threat to a team that doesn’t take them seriously. Philadelphia will look to keep things rolling but will have to go through Seattle to do so.


That’ll do it for the NFL Week 13 Games to Watch. Which games are you looking forward to the most? Be sure to tell us all about it and more in the comment section below. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on our Instagram page for all of the latest information from Power Rankings and More.

Published on 12/1/17 at 2:00 AM EST.
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