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Mick Tidrow, the Braves, Eli Manning, and Christian Pick-Up Lines (CHIRP THAT! #6)

Carson Wentz Isn’t an MVP (Talk the Walk Episode #9)

Are the Saints Even Good? (CHIRP THAT #5)

Versus (CHIRP THAT! #4)

Lonzo Ball, Hayward Ripple Effect, and the Chiefs (Talk the Walk Episode #8)

And That’s How Quickly a Season Can Change (CHIRP THAT! #3)

Rough Road Ahead for the Warriors (Talk the Walk #7)

Cam Newton Isn’t Sexist (Talk the Walk Episode #6)

NFL Has No Offense and Carmelo Anthony Trade (Talk the Walk Episode #5)

NBA Can’t Fix Their Problems (Talk the Walk Episode #4)

Why Sam Darnold Will Not Win the Heisman (Talk the Walk Episode #3)

Since When Is Boston Not the Capital of Massachusetts? (CHRIP THAT! #2)

Chris Paul is Underrated (CHIRP THAT! #1)

LeBron Wasting 2017 and JWalk’s Rookie QB Guide (Talk the Walk Episode #2)

The Overhyped NFL Preseason (Talk the Walk Podcast Episode #1)

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